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We all understand the ever growing competition for medical and dental school or university placements in Europe.
Applying at medical or dental schools and universities is and will always remain fierce.
We are here to assist anyone, regardless of age or background, to enter Medicine or Dentistry and study Medicine abroad..

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EuroMed has achieved an exceptional reputation for more than 5 years for securing medicine transfer and dentistry transfer places for transfer students.

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We at EuroMed have successfully enrolled many students in Medical Schools in the UK and all over Europe, please take a look at the list of Medical Schools from the upper menu, to see where you can apply. Even if you do not hold a medical degree or do not have a strong medical background, you are in the right place, because we also offer pre-med courses so that your Medical school application runs smooth.

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Study dentistry at Dental Schools or Universities in the UK or the european country of your preference! If your aim is to become a dentist, we can assure your application at a Dental School or University in the UK or Europe, given our experience and professional background at seeing students through the process of applying for a Dental Degree.

EuroMed is comprised of doctors, dentists and profesors from around the globe. We have worked together for many years winning places in Medicine & Dentistry for many European students who were unsucessful at gaining a place for medicine/dentistry at their first attempt. All began their chosen Univeristy Course, both within and outside Britain, and began their chosen degree course that same academic year.

We are very proud of our continued success and expansion, ever since we were first established. We have recently been fortunate to gain the assistance of two university professors from Slovakia and Poland.

We cater for applicants that may not hold a degree in a scientific field and also for those who do not have a strong scientific background. These applicants should apply to the pre-med courses offered. The minimum age for application is 17 years of age.

All applicants that contact EuroMed are likely to secure a place at a Medical or Dental School in Europe.

EuroMed enrolls hundreds of students annually to study medicine in the UK and Europe or to study dentistry in the UK and Europe at leading medical and dental schools, universities in the UK and Europe such as: Medical schools in Poland, Medical schools in Slovakia, Dental schools in Slovakia, Medical schools in Prague, Dental schools in Prague and Medical schools in the Caribbean, Pécs university, Hungary, Szeged university, Comenius university, Kosice university, Charles university, Czech Republic, Palacky University , Warsaw university, Poland, Lublin university, Debrecen university, Constanta university, Romania, Cluj Napoca university.