For admission to study medicine abroad or to study dentistry abroad, into any of our listed European Universities, applicants must have completed secondary school education and performed up to AS-level.

All selected applicants must pass a 2 hour 30 minute multiple-choice examination paper, invigilated by the professors of the medical school or of the dental school, consisting of Chemistry and Biology topics. A list of examination topics will be provided by EuroMed to you, hence early study abroad application is advisable. Each student will then be interviewed by the teaching professors. Students must succeed in both exam and interview to secure a place.

All successful applicants will be issued a formal acceptance document issued from the medical or dental school immediately after the interview.

Entrance examinations and interviews are usually held during late Spring/Summer in London (although venue may change) or the country of the european university. It is also possible to obtain an offer of a place early, see EuroMed early application.

Our next entrance examination for 2018 entry will take place in London and as there are a limited number of applicants that we can consider, applicants are advised to apply early.

Further updates on this event may be posted on EuroMed's website; therefore you are advised to regularly check this page for details.

In order to secure your seat for the entrance examination please:

  • Make sure your application to us is complete and no documents are outstanding

  • Email us to reserve your seat before places are full

  • Revision sessions for this entrance examination are advisable as competition is high. Please send an email or contact us for further details

Please E-mail to receive a sample test paper for the entrance examination for study abroad in europe.

We wish you the best of luck and we hope you'll soon become a medical or a dental student! If you have any comments or queries on applications procedure or on abroad studies please to not hesitate to contact us.

If you have not already done so, please confirm your booking NOW by E-mail so that we may reserve your seat for the examination and so make sure you'll be studying medicine abroad or dentistry abroad this year.