# Why do you want to study medicine abroad?
# Why do you want to be a doctor?
# What will you if you aren't accepted to medical school or dental school?
# What makes you special?
# What are your 2 best points?
# What are your 2 weakest points?
# What do you think will be your greatest challenge in completing medical school/dental school or learning how to be a doctor?
# In your view, what is the most pressing problem facing medicine and dentistry today?
# How will you pay for medical school and for the expenses to study medicine abroad?
# If you could do anything different in your education, what would you do?
# What are the other medical schools abroad / dental schools abroad that you are applying for?
# Have you been accepted in any of this medical schools?
# What is your first choice to study medicine/dentistry abroad?
# Tell me about yourself.
# What do you do in your spare time?
# How did you get here?
# Why would you be a good doctor?
# What are your strengths?
# What do you feel are the most important qualities in being a good doctor?
# What are your hobbies?
# Are you a leader or a follower? Why?
# What exposure have you had to the medical profession or dental proffesion?
# Discuss your clinical experiences.
# Discuss your volunteer medical work.
# What do you think you will like most about studying medicine abroad?
# Expect questions concerning what you think about ethics and healthcare (e.g., abortion, cloning, euthanasia).
# Be prepared to discuss managed healthcare and changes in the US healthcare system.
# How are you a match for our medical school / dental school?
# Would you perform abortions as a doctor? Under what conditions?
# What are three things you want to change about yourself?
# How would you describe the relationship between science and medicine?
# Which family member has influenced your life so far and why?