Medical Schools in UK and Europe, Medical universities in UK and Europe

Our Aims

Providing a high quality service which satisfies all students:

  • be seen as a informative, approachable medical admissions organisation which is supportive to all its students regardless of background
  • provide accurate medical and dental school information
  • be knowledgeable so we are able to efficiently meet the demands of our students
  • be reliable, honest, dependable and consistent so that our students can have confidence in our medical admission services.

To achieve this we have:

  • trained staff
  • provide all our students with clear medical and dental school information
  • trained our staff to listen carefully, to give clear explanations as people have different levels of understanding, to be courteous, and to treat you with respect in a matter involving your medical career choice
  • always considered new ways to improve our medical admission services, and welcomed any comments to help us achieve these goals
  • ensured that if a complaint does arise, it is dealt with promptly, openly and fairly and an apology is issued if we make a mistake within 14 days

Customer Service

We aim to:

  • answer all calls within 60 seconds
  • respond to emails within 48 hours
  • process 90% of online applications within 24 hours of submission to the appropriate departments at EuroMed, with the exception of applications received within four days prior to a deadline date
  • process online applications within three working days and paper applications within 10 working days during deadline dates
  • provide decision information online to applicants, within eight hours of receiving the decision from the institution
  • provide 24/7 website availability

Have you received exceptional service from someone at EuroMed?

...then we would like to hear from you!

We will make sure that your opinions are forwarded on to the person you have stated. Your positive feedback will help us highlight these actions within EuroMed and turn exceptional service into business as usual, giving all of our medical applicants the service they deserve.

Please email your comments to euromed@studymedicineabroad.co.uk.

Thank you for taking the time to let us know.

Customer complaints

Although we always aspire to please all our students, you may have a complaint and wish to have it resolved.   .

Whenever we receive a complaint, we do our best to sort out the problem as efficiently as we can, and to improve our service by learning from our mistakes.

If you wish to complain about our service, you can contact our Customer Service Unit by sending an email to euromed@studymedicineabroad.co.uk. Please allow 14 working days for a reply.