Dental Schools and Universities in Uk and Europe

Step 1: Choosing your Medicine or Dentistry course

Think carefully whether you would like to a medicine degree or dental degree at an international medical university.  

Whatever your criteria regarding the institution and its location, we have the most updated information regarding medical schools abroad, so speak to us before deciding. But remember, the final decision is yours!

Which is the best medical or dental university in Europe?

Different coutries suit different people, so it depends what you're looking for. There is no national curriculum for medical degrees and dental degrees abroad, but medicaluniversitieseurope.com forum contains invaluable information about students' views on the quality of teaching at European medical schools.

Entry requirements 

Minimum entry requirements

Minimum medicine entry requirements and dentistry entry requirements are a guide to the level of education required to study on each course. EuroMed will decide if your qualifications meet these requirements when we consider your medical online applicationIf the EuroMed team feel that you have the requirements it will guarantee you a place at a medical school or dental school which is GMC or GDC recognised, respectively, and taught in English.

When to apply

There is an early application deadline of 16 September for the receipt at EuroMed of online applications for all medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine and veterinary science degree courses. This deadline is for all medical applicants, including non-EU medical applicants.

Admissions tests

For most medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine/science courses you will be required to take a medical admissions exam.  Once your application has been approved by EuroMed you will be sent all the revision material you will need to succeed in the entrance exams.

More information and links to further details can be found on the Entrance Examination page.

Step 2: Applying

You can apply for courses using our online application system, APPLY HERE. The application form is simple and self-explanatory. You send your completed application to us online and we send it to the respective EuroMed team based at your chosen country/ies.

When to apply

There are three application deadlines for medical courses through EuroMed - 19 November, 11 February and 22 April

Applications received by the above deadlines are guaranteed to be considered and offered a medical degree place by our Medical and Dental universities.  Applications received at EuroMed after the deadlines, up until 30 July, will only be accepted at EuroMeds own discretion.

Course start dates

Contact EuroMed direct for advice about when we need your application. Although we may be happy to receive applications right up to the start of the course, be prepared to send your application early.

International applicants

If you are applying from outside the EU, whatever your nationality, you need to be aware of the three application deadlines but EuroMed may consider your application up until 30 July. You are advised to apply as early as possible.

Become a EuroMed Partner!

EuroMed is growing in success by school and college teachers advising students of the benefits of studying medicine or studying dentistry abroad and hence publicise EuroMed. To respond to the demand we have created a reward scheme.

Reward Scheme for Teachers:

If you are a teacher encouraging student participation with EuroMed, you may be interested in taking advantage of our current Reward Scheme.

You are entitled to receive the equivalent of one years average European medical universities tuition fee for every 8 students being admitted into medical schools by EuroMed from your or other schools or colleges, or if a web-link is added from your homepage to our website to increase student publicity.

Reward Scheme for Students:

If you are a student participant, you may be interested in our reward scheme.

You can be rewarded with the total cost of your first year tuition fee, making your 1st academic year entirely FREE:

  • If you are a student who brings 8 students to be admitted into medical schools by EuroMed. 

This can be repeated throughout your degree period.

Please note that all of the above schemes are subject to availability and conditions apply, so please contact us to confirm and discuss.