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Romania, one of the newest members of the EU, situated in the southestern parts of Europe stands with it´s feet in two different worlds. First, the cities with their modern west European lifestyle and a powerful economic growth. The other, representing the farmers’ humble lifestyle in isolated mountain villages who work their land just as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago.
The university is in the capital of Transylvania; Cluj Napoca which has over 400 000 inhabitants. Over 100 000 of these are students!
Because of the high number of students the studentlife in "Cluj" is pleasant to say the least and exciting at the same time. The notion of "traveling" becomes one with the notion of "home". The city is compact and most places are within walking distance. The nightlife is very good and cheap. There are plenty of nice cafes, restaurants and nightspots which are of very high standard. The advantage of living in a smaller city is also that the distance to the university is fairly short from wherever you live. It shouldn’t take longer than 10 minutes with bus or taxi to get to the university.
The countryside around Cluj is stunning and consists of beautiful mountain ranges with peaks of over 2000 meters. These mountains offers hiking, rock climbing, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking and multisport of high quality. No longer that one hour drive outside of the city you still have the possibility of staying a night or two at isolated mountain farms and experience the genuine lives of farmer living as they did hundreds of years ago. In these wild and untamed regions, time has almost stood still the last century.



BOOK NOW as places are limited!

Revision courses are recommended for the following reasons:

1. Places on this course are limited
2. To provide an opportunity to revise for the entrance test subjects in Biology and Chemistry
3. Revision sessions are organised by qualified A-level tutors
4. Improve your chances of achieving the pass mark in the final examination
5. Fact- 98 percent of applicants who attended the revision session passed the final examination


Please contact EuroMed for booking details and more information.

Interview Course: Cost per day is £390.00 inc. VAT (non-refundable).

Revision Sessions: Cost per day is £320.00 inc. VAT (non-refundable). Each session lasts about 3 hours and there will be 2 sessions per day(morning and afternoon) including a one hour lunch break from 1-2pm. 
Venue, date and times will be confirmed upon application.

Please CLICK HERE to register for your interview and/or revision sessions. After your booking is confirmed you will receive additional information.