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In the academic year 1966/67 training of general medicine started. In 1969 the Faculty of Medicine with the seat in Martin was oficially established as the 8th faculty and the 2nd Faculty of Medicine of Comenius University.

An important milestone in the Faculty life occured in November 1989 when the Academic Senate was created. On the basis of the decision of the Academic Senate in 1991 the Faculty was renamed to the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in honour of an outstanding medieval physician and humanist Jan Jessenius whose ancestors had their roots in the district of Martin In 1991 our Faculty, as the first Faculty of Medicine in Slovakia, opened enrolment to international students. General Medicine education for these students is provided in English language.

Over the last 30 years there were more than 4,000 graduates not only from Slovakia but also from several countries of Europe. Nowadays, there are students from more than 20 countries, mainly from Scandinavia and the USA, studying General Medicine at the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin.

The Faculty enjoys autonomy in the field of education, research and clinical activities. The Dean, elected by the Faculty Academic Senate, serves for four years. Vice-deans support the Dean in particular areas of his work. The highest scientific body of the Faculty is the Scientific Board. The highest organization of self-government is the Academic Senate of the Faculty in which representatives of teachers and students (including international students) regularly hold meetings. As a part of public University, the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine functions under the auspices of the Slovak Ministry of Education.

The Faculty provides courses in General Medicine Program (6 years) and in Nursing Program (5 years). Graduates in General Medicine receive the degree MUDr. (Medicinae Universae Doctor) and graduates in Nursing the degree Mgr. (Magister) corresponding to Master´s Degree. Teaching is carried out in Slovak language for home students and in English or Slovak for students coming from abroad. The teaching staff encompasses both full-time and part-time professors, researchers, experienced physicians and general practitioners.

In accordance with modern trends, the Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin belongs to medical faculties with lower number of students (up to 200 students in one year of study). This provides the conditions for individual approach to students within small study groups. Students are required to study continuously in order to achieve high level of knowledge. Training of scientific and research workers is provided by postgraduate education (internal or external forms) leading to PhD degree.

The Faculty of Medicine has five large lecture halls, several seminar rooms, laboratories and two student hostels with a capacity of more than 1,000 beds. The Library and the Study-Information Centre provide study literature for the international students.

The Faculty posseses a computer-centre with IBM equipment for both teaching and learning. Information from the entire world is available via the Internet and Medline database systems.

As today´s health care practitioners must be responsive and adjustable to patient´s needs and receptive to new treatments and technological advances, our students are being prepared to meet these challenges in Martin Faculty Hospital with almost 900 beds and more than 1,700 employees.



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