Our coaching achieves a high success rate in entrance preparation for medical schools abroad and dental schools abroad. There are four main reasons behind our success:
Maximum 15 medical students.
With a small group size, we ensure that you get the maximum attention throughout the day and learn the techniques in a way that suits you personally.
Group activities and individual practice.
Medical School and Dental School Interview technique is not just about theory. It is primarily about practice. The small number of participants and our afternoon workshop ensure that you get plenty of individual practice. Real practice is what will make you succeed to study medicine abroad, not formal lectures.
We make you think for yourself
Our teaching strategy is to make you learn all key medical and dental interview skills through discussion and active participation. If you want to go study medicine abroad we firmly believe that you will not learn to be good at medical school interviews simply by being spoon-fed answers via a PowerPoint presentation. Instead, we make you think for yourself and ensure that you gain all the tools you need to answer any question thrown at you during the admission to medical schools abroad or dental schools abroad.
You will receive plenty of personal attention throughout the day
Not only will the small number of participants allow you to practice often during the day, you will also have personal access to the trainer to discuss your personal issues before the course, during all the breaks and after the course. Perhaps you have a background that is unusual or have particular worries that you want to discuss in more depth. We will give you all the time you need to make sure you succeed to study medicine abroad!
A unique blend of medical and communication.
Our courses are put together by both doctors and communication specialists. This gives us a unique ability to look at the interview process from the medical and the communication angles, which you will find in no other courses.

Venue, date and times will be confirmed upon application.